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Online lactation class offered in San Diego

July 28, 2021 Comments Off on Online lactation class offered in San Diego By admin

SAN DIEGO (AP) Online lactational education is being offered at San Diego State University for the first time, and it will begin in January.

The online lactational classes will run during the fall and winter, but are not being held in person.

It’s designed for couples and families who are not looking for formal lessons.

Students will have their own classes and may attend more than one, depending on the availability.

The classes will be offered in the classroom, in the hallways, on campus or by video conference.

They will include information on how to find a new caregiver, how to get married and have a child.

The classes will also provide information about breastfeeding.

The college has offered online lactatory classes in the past.

Last year, students were able to learn about breastfeeding and help other students with their lactation issues.