Arizona Online Conference Education Conference Opens With $1 Million in Funding

Arizona Online Conference Education Conference Opens With $1 Million in Funding

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Arizona Online Conference Education Conference Opens With $1 Million in Funding By admin

Arizona Online conference education conference opens its doors to a select group of local students, educators, and tech experts with the launch of its first national online conference on Tuesday, June 13.

The online conference, called “Arizona Online Conference,” will take place at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and will focus on virtual reality and its potential to change the way people experience learning and life.

The conference, which is open to all participants, is open for public comment until Sept. 25.

The conference is the brainchild of John A. Rafferty, who founded the Center for Online Learning and Innovation, a nonprofit that works to help companies improve the online experience for all of their employees.

The company recently received $300,000 from the National Institutes of Health for VR research.

Rafferty hopes the conference will be an educational opportunity for students to learn from one another and build strong relationships with those around them.

He said Arizona Online is an ideal conference venue for this conference.

“The biggest difference between us and other online conferences is that we are going to be doing virtual reality.

It’s not just a conference that is about learning technology, but it’s also about a social experience.

And in virtual reality, you can really see how this technology is impacting people,” he said.

Arizona Online’s mission is to “bring together the minds of the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies to create the future of education,” according to a press release.

It says the conference is aimed at creating a new kind of digital education for students, with VR technology being the main focus.

It is the first online conference to be held at a national university.

Arizona Online will be holding its inaugural conference on July 13.

The group is also looking to expand to other schools, including in Arizona, Texas, and California.

“We have been trying to build this in Phoenix and Arizona for the last year,” Rafferly said.

“The University of Phoenix and the University at Albany have been interested in the idea for a while, but they didn’t think that there was a lot of interest in doing it.”

Arizona Online is also the brain child of Mark G. LeBaron, the founder of the popular “Ask a Professional” website.

Lebaron said Arizona was a natural fit for the company because of its size and proximity to tech hubs like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Arizona is home to the largest tech center in the world, and so we have a lot to offer to the Valley, including great research opportunities,” LeBacon said.

LeBeau, the executive director of Arizona Online, said the company is also excited about the opportunity to bring the same technology to the Phoenix region.

“It’s the perfect venue to do it,” LeBeaux said.

“When you look at the demographics of Arizona, a lot more people live in Phoenix, and it’s the center of technology, so it’s a great fit.”

A full list of participating schools and colleges can be found on the conference’s website.